Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Twitpic-to-Posterous Script: Another Update

A while ago I wrote a script to import my Twitpic photo posts to Posterous and posted it on this blog.

Even though Posterous now supplies their own working transfer tool, it has its limitations.  One person who tried that tool was unsatisfied, and tried my script.  He really liked the results, but he noticed some drawbacks to my script as well.  Here's what's new in my script v1.3.1:
  • New feature by request - #hashtags and @username mentions are now linked to the appropriate Twitter page in the body of the Posterous post.
  • Fix - issue where Twitpic now truncates the tweet text in the HTML title.  Switched to using the image alt text from the full page.  
  • Fix - Twitpic started escaping single and double quotes in the tweet text, which were showing up uninterpreted in the Posterous titles.  The script now handles them correctly.
  • Other changes
    • Only download the Full images by default (Scaled and thumbnails can be enabled by setting flags.)
    • Print an error message and pause for 5 seconds if a download fails (Twitpic was being unreliable during my testing.)
    • Other miscellaneous fixes and tweaks
Special thanks to @RyanMeray!
  • Update (v1.3.2): better regular expressions for @username and #hashtag formats. 
  • Update (v1.3.4): now optionally adds hashtags as post tags.
You can get the latest version here.

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