Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I Promise This Isn't A Mac Blog

New MacBooks today.

Okay, not that color isn't important, but slapping on an extra hundred and fifty bucks just to get the case in black? The price difference is $200 and you can upgrade the hard drive on the white model for $50. They are otherwise identical.

I suppose it'll make it easier to spot the suckers cool people.

Oh, wait. These people bought Macs. Silly me. (Interpret that how you want.)

In all seriousness, the mid-range white model isn't a terrible deal. If you don't mind integrated graphics and low resolution, and you don't mind (or prefer) a small laptop screen, this might just be for you.

At the moment, I'm convinced that if I bought one of these, I would end up loading Vista (beta in June) and/or Gentoo on it. Is there a right/middle-click driver for the touchpad available for Linux? I might have to write one. Not that I would ever get it done. I still haven't found time in my busy life to get MythTV up and running on athena.

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  1. Youuuuu waaaaaaaaant a Maaaaaaaaaaaaaac . . . .

    *uses mind control powers*