Friday, September 23, 2005

Blind, But Alive

Athena is not dead. She's just blind. Or rather, I'm blind while using her. Turns out it's just the display that's not properly configured. First I reconfigured from scratch and recompiled the kernel using the liveCD, then I rebooted, and waited a bit.

I observed that the Ethernet jacks in the back both became active. I tried "ssh root@athena", but there was no address associated with that name. Makes sense, you can't resolve the IP address of a hostname if there are two of them (I had been using eth1 exclisively, but this last install, I switched to eth0 and eth1). So, I logged on to the router and checked the DHCP clients table. There were two entries for athena, so I opened two cygwin consoles and ssh'd to each of the addresses.

I had to clear the entries for the IP addresses on in my known_hosts file first, ssh doesn't let you log in to a host that doesn't have the same key that it remembers it having. So, I made it forget.

With that, I was in. I confirmed that nothing else was amiss, I logged in blind with athena's keyboard and checked who was logged in with "who", then I logged out, and checked again.

So, now I know that my custom kernel works. It just needs a working graphics driver. Or something.

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