Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Athena is on the web!

Well, sometimes.

I have apache server running on Athena, and I set up an account with DynDNS.org, so if you head on over to athena.homelinux.net, and she happens to be on, you'll get the generic apache default page. I haven't set much up yet. I don't really have anything right now that I want to put on the web that this blog doesn't take care of. I did put up a 1x1 transparent image that I reference from my blogs so I can get some sort of usage statistics to play with. I'll probably host some images and other stuff, but the problem is that she's not always on, so any website I put up would have a lot of downtime. The main benefit for me of doing the whole DNS thing is that I can ssh in from anywhere as long as I leave her on. Eventually I would like to have an always-on box, but that may have to wait.

There was a problem with the port forwarding. I was gone this last weekend, so my computers weren't being turned on, and the client table entry in the router for athena expired and was replaced by one of RFH's computers. All the ports that were being forwarded to athena were being sent to one of his Windows boxes. I need to figure out how to reserve an IP address.

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