Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Well, Here I Go

I tried switching to KDE, but X still wouldn't start up, so I'm switching to an athlon-xp configuration, and hoping for the best. One huge benefit of doing this is that I don't have to deal with having separate 32-bit libraries to link with all the programs that won't build under x86-64 (like Firefox).

Also in general everything should run more smoothely because of the large user base (and therefore greater testing visibility). Basically, under normal circumstances you wouldn't think of releasing something that doesn't work on an x86, but you might not consider whether your program runs (or even builds right) on some newfangled architecture that no one uses yet. Ironically, I may have to wait until 64-bit Windows makes 64-bit desktop computing common before real support arrives for my processor. Yeah, yeah, I know, the old "do it yourself" Linux mantra, bla, bla, bla. I don't think I'm at the point where I can reverse engineer my graphics card and write my own driver. Getting there though.

I just chrooted and issued the "emerge --sync" command, which means she's going to be compiling for a while.

I threw my old TV tuner into Athena. Apparently MythTV works with just about any tuner out there. Still, I want to get an HDTV tuner card, but I think I'll wait on that until I have a working graphical system with MythTV installed (and hopefully standard TV up and running). Boo broadcast flag.

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