Wednesday, June 29, 2005


And we have graphics!

I was able to run both Gnome and KDE on Athena yesterday. I didn't have an internet connection, so I couldn't install anything else. I put her in the living room and hooked her up to the projector, so I'm all set for when I have Internet... which should be sometime in July. I have Comcast scheduled to come in on the 9th, but I'm gone to Illinois and Iowa from the 8th until the 17th. So, it might be a while before I make any more progress (unless I can configure my wireless router to act as a bridge from some neighbor's WiFi). Hmm...

I went ahead and ordered this HDTV tuner, although the other one is more likely to support (unencrypted) HD cable signals (or so I think I read once on some forum somewhere).

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