Monday, November 23, 2009

Google Wave - Keyboard Shortcuts

This post isn't going to be any kind of an exhaustive list.  Others have done that.  A friend and I recently tried to figure out how to do basic chatting without using the mouse.  Here you go:

To open an in-line reply to where you currently are in a blip (either to the selected text, or the cursor position):
  • Ctrl+Enter
To finish editing a blip (equivalent to clicking "Done"):
  • Shift+Enter
To edit the current blip:
  • Ctrl+E
Everyone should know these next two, but I'll put them here anyway.

To jump between blips that have been edited that you haven't "seen" yet/since:
  • Space bar
To move up or down one blip:
  • Up/Down arrow
There you have it.  Wave on, mouse-haters!

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